Aurum Manus – Massages

The guest is first oiled massage with high-quality, warm Primavera massage oil. This promotes blood circulation. With special massage techniques the musculature is loosened.
The special feature of Aurum Manus Massage is the use of the different gemstone beads that are heated in high-quality massage oil or apply cold.
The balls stimulate specifically important pressure points and energy channels of the body, especially the kidney / bladder and the liver / gallbladder meridian.
The massage has a strong calming effect on the psyche, supports gland function and stimulates the kidneys.
Body toxins can therefore be better discharged and the life energy can flow freely again.

Various Aurum Manus – Massages

There are so massaged legs, feet, back, shoulders, neck. The special feature here is the facial massage, which is performed with extra nourishing oils. Targeted stimulation of various acupressure points and energy channels of the body activate the energy centers, you experience deep relaxation.

Full body treatment (approx 65 min.)

Face / back treatment (approx 40 min.)

Back treatment with legs (approx 40 min.)

Back treatment with no legs (approximately 30 min.)

Facial (takes about 20 min.)

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