Delicious Bavarian cuisine

Our restaurant is known for its excellent cuisine. Our chef will spoil you from 11: 30h – 14: 00h and from 17: 30h to 21: 00h. On Sundays our restaurant basically closed. Please refer to the announcement from Sunday events on the home page of this site. For groups, events and celebrations from 45 people, of course we are happy to open our restaurant. We ask, however, reserve in advance. What you will find on our menu, you will taste – we are convinced. Delicious Bavarian cuisine The excellent restaurant is characterized by a strong use of local products, the maintenance of a typical regional cuisine culture and high service and quality of service. When used our products come mainly from the region: Herbs, vegetables, fruits (own organic juices), etc. of the mill garden, meat and sausages from the Upper Palatinate, char from Biberbach, potatoes Rudertshofen, salads Sollngriesbach etc. Our pasta and noodles we provide with much love and passion her own! Juradistl lamb A regional specialty that not only tastes good, but also receives a cultural landscape. With every bite you spoil your palate and get original culture. Juradistl Weiderind Essentially the Juradistl pasture cattle get to eat what grows in the pasture. Otherwise standing hay, grass, clover grass or grain from the region on the menu.   Take a look inside times!